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Hamza Hashmi

In 2015, I earned my Bachelor's in Information Technology from Punjab University. Since then, I've gained extensive hands-on experience in many fields.
I've held key roles in: Information Technology, Business Development, Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing Training, Social Media Management, WordPress Development, Data Analytics and more.
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Professional Journey
With a professional journey that commenced in 2013, I have dedicated myself to providing comprehensive virtual and office solutions to a diverse range of organizations and institutes. Working with reputable companies such as Abacus Consulting BPO, MindBridge BPO, Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre, Telelinkz Communications, and City Networks, alongside esteemed local and international clients, has equipped me with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Commitment to Growth
My commitment to professional growth and development has been unwavering, leading me to dedicate 14-18 hours a day to enhancing my skills and knowledge. This continuous improvement has enabled me to deeply understand client requirements and offer tailored solutions that precisely meet their unique needs.

Exceptional Results
I take immense pride in my ability to deliver exceptional results that consistently exceed expectations. By blending a strong work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and a profound understanding of client objectives, I ensure the successful execution of projects and the attainment of desired outcomes.

Collaboration and Expertise
I am enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with you and leveraging my expertise to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth for your organization. Together, we can craft customized solutions that propel your business forward in the ever-evolving virtual and office landscape. Let’s create success together!

My Top Recent



  • JDLee Enterprises (Category: Property)
  • 12 Weeks Weight Loss Solution (Category: Healthcare)
  • Abundant Life Care Clinic (Category: Healthcare)
  • Asandum LLC (Category: Business Consultancy)
  • Windus Solutions (Category: Healthcare)
  • Higher Ground Services (Category: Healthcare)
  • AZkonnect (Category: Digital Marketing Agency)



  • Jbrsc-aimc.edu.pk (Category: Healthcare, Hospital)
  • Dr. Maruf Zahid (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Umar Asif (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr Furqan Zahid (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Younas Mehrose (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Yawar Sajjad (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Ammad Rasul (Category: Healthcare, Plastic Surgeon)
  • Digital Moons (Category: Digital Marketing Agency)



  • Mugul.de (Category: Clothing Brand)



  • Wadi Al Dammam (Category: Business, Services)

 Accounts Designed & Managed:

  • Doctor Bushra Akram
  • Doctor Maruf Zahid
  • Bodyart Clinic
  • Doctor Furqan Haider
  • Shahan Aesthetics
  • Hymenoplasty Clinic
  • Doctor Furqan Haider
  • The Shahab Store
  • Doctor Younas Mehrose
  • Liposuction Clinic
  • Kabab Jan Restaurant 
  • Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre
  • CyberX Solutions
  • Arhan Dental Clinic
  • Abundant Life Care Clinic
  • GCU Medicare Club
  • Cosmocare & Hair Transplant
  • Digital Billing Services
  • DR. Furqan Haider
  • Rejuvanetix
  • Shahan Aesthetics
  • Asandum
  • IT Team JBRSC
  • Optimum Products
  • 12 Weeks Weight Loss Solution
  • PAPS Aesthetic Course 2023
  • Microsurgery Course 2021
  • Microsurgery Course 2022
  • Microsurgery Course 2023
  • Burn Symposium 2021
  • Burn Symposium 2022
  • Burn Symposium 2023
  • Burn Symposium 2024
  • + More
  • CyberX Solutions
  • Rejuvanetix



  • Doctor Umar Asif
  • Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre
  • Doctor Furqan Haider
  • Doctor Ammad Rasul Ghumman

Versatile Expertise Designations  Proficiencies

Professional Profile
Boasting over 5 years of seasoned expertise as a digital marketing specialist, I am the proud leader of “CYBERX SOLUTIONS,” a distinguished Digital Marketing Agency.

Track Record of Success
My portfolio showcases a proven track record of spearheading successful campaigns that encompass a spectrum of services including web development, SEO, graphic design, social media marketing, and training.

Mission Statement
At CYBERX SOLUTIONS, our unwavering mission is to empower businesses to expand their online footprint and engage with their target audiences effectively. Through our comprehensive suite of services including web development, SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads management, graphic design, and bespoke training programs, we are dedicated to elevating your business in the dynamic digital landscape.

With over 8 years of invaluable experience in the Information Technology (IT) field, I have honed my skills and expertise across various roles and organizations. Here is a breakdown of my professional journey:

City Networks: Started my professional experience in IT as a Network and Hardware Engineer at City Networks, I played a vital role in managing and maintaining network infrastructure and hardware components. I gained extensive knowledge in network configuration, troubleshooting, and ensuring smooth operations.

Beyond Wireless: Joining Beyond Wireless as a Business Intelligence Officer but got promoted as IT Engineer and earned some additional duties as a Trainer and Developer, I contributed to the development and management of office solution. Additionally, I focused on designing and optimizing web portals to enhance user experiences and streamline processes.

Telelinkz Communication: As the IT Manager at Telelinkz Communication, I assumed a leadership role overseeing diverse IT initiatives. I successfully managed the IT inventory, ensuring proper installation and configuration of systems. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in providing support for portal development, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of the business.

Zmlinks: At Zmlinks, In my capacity as IT Manager and Web Developer, I held a crucial role that allowed me to utilize my skills in managing IT operations, conducting troubleshooting activities, overseeing configurations and installations, and developing intuitive and user-friendly portals to enhance overall business processes. This multifaceted position provided me with invaluable opportunities to contribute to seamless IT functionality and drive optimal efficiency within the organization.

Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre: In addition to my responsibilities as a JCO, I played a significant role in various IT-related initiatives, encompassing troubleshooting hardware, software, and network devices. I also assumed the responsibility of managing the IT Research cell, overseeing Office365 administrative services, and providing backend support for CCTV systems. My involvement in these areas allowed me to leverage my expertise and contribute to the seamless functioning of IT operations across multiple domains.

As a Project Manager with 3 years of experience, my primary focus has been on leading customer services and sales teams to achieve their targets while maintaining high performance and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs). During my tenure, I have successfully managed and motivated teams to deliver exceptional customer service, drive sales growth, and exceed performance goals.

My responsibilities included setting clear targets and objectives for the teams, establishing performance metrics, and implementing strategies to optimize customer satisfaction and sales performance. I closely monitored team performance, providing coaching and guidance to enhance skills and ensure consistent achievement of targets.

By implementing effective performance management techniques, I fostered a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within the teams. I actively collaborated with stakeholders, including senior management and other departments, to align goals and ensure smooth operations.

Through effective team leadership, strategic planning, and a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, I have successfully contributed to the growth and success of customer services and sales teams in achieving their targets and KPIs.

With a comprehensive 8 years of working experience, I have held key roles as a Quality Assurance Officer, Supervisor, and Manager. My expertise primarily revolves around inbound and outbound call centers, as well as international backend offices. Additionally, I have provided exceptional SQA (Software Quality Assurance) services based on the specific needs of businesses. Here is a breakdown of my experience in the field of Quality Assurance:

Some On-site Clients:
• Abacus Consulting
• Beyond Wireless
• Telelinkz Communication
• Zmliks
• Digital Billing Services
• Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre (SQA)

Some Remote Clients:
• TechWorld
• Mezzi Marketing
• Techcom
• TransTech
• Tycoonz Solution
• & more

With over 8 years of experience as an accomplished Business Analyst, I possess the ability to transform raw data into comprehensive presentations with detailed insights. My expertise in data analysis enables me to provide valuable inputs for micro-management and facilitate informed decision-making.

Throughout my career, I have successfully created numerous dashboards and reports tailored to the specific needs of clients. By leveraging data, I have offered clear insights and shared comprehensive reports, empowering clients to gain a deeper understanding of their business performance.

I have applied my skills and knowledge as a Business Intelligence and MIS officer in various organizations, including:

  • Abacus Consulting
  • Beyond Wireless
  • Telelinkz Communication
  • Zmlinks
  • Digital Billing Services
  • JBRSC (IT Research Cell)

At each of these organizations, I have contributed, utilizing data analysis techniques to extract meaningful information and provide actionable recommendations. My expertise in creating impactful presentations and reports has proven instrumental in enabling effective decision-making and driving business growth.

With 5 years of experience in Web Development and providing SEO Services, I have actively worked on various projects, delivering exceptional results for clients across different sectors. Here is a breakdown of my experience:

Web Development Projects:

  • Rejuvanetix – Plastic Surgeon – Pakistan
  • Dr. Furqan Haider – Plastic Surgeon – Pakistan
  • UmarCosmeCon – Plastic Surgeon – Pakistan
  • Asadum Consulting LLC – Healthcare Business – USA
  • CyberX Solutions – Digital Marketing Agency  -Pakistan
  • Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre – Government Hospital – Pakistan

Completed Projects:

  • Dr. Yawar Sajjad – Plastic Surgeon – Pakistan
  • Dr. Younas Mehrose – Plastic Surgeon – Pakistan
  • Wadialdamam – Services Provider – UAE
  • Azkonnect – Digital Services – USA
  • Zmlinks – Energy Supplier – USA
  • Windus – Healthcare Business – USA
  • Mugul – E-commerce Garments Store – GERMANY

In addition to web development, I also specialize in providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. By implementing effective strategies, I help clients improve their online visibility, increase organic traffic, and enhance their search engine rankings. Through keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO techniques, I optimize websites to reach their target audience and achieve sustainable growth.

Throughout these projects, I have demonstrated my expertise in web development and SEO, ensuring user-friendly designs, smooth functionality, and an effective online presence. My commitment to delivering high-quality results has consistently met client expectations and contributed to their online success.

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Digital Marketing
Project Management​
Information Technology
Quality Assurance​
Reporting & Analysis​
Social Media Management
Graphic Designing​
Management Information System
Business Intelligence
Training & Development
Fraud Control
Human Resource Operations


JCO - IT Department || IT Research Cell


MAR 2021 - JULY 2021
Support Executive - Operations


JULY 2019 - APR 2020
Business Intelligence Officer || QA Coordinator


FEB 2013 - JUL 2017
CSR || Quality Assurance Officer

Abacus Consulting BPO

FEB 2022 - MAY 2022
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst


MAY 2020 - FEB 2021
Project Manager Operations || QA Supervisor


MAR 2017 - FEB 2019
Supervisor Quality Assurance


APR 2015 - MAR 2016
Hardware & Network Support Engineer


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